What people are saying

You made ethics fun!

Julia R.

Excellent presenter. Enjoyed the class very much.

Craig W.

Evan engaged the class resulting in a strong resurgence of REALTOR pride.

Lori D.

Thanks Evan for doing these CE classes at LHAR!

Susan S.

Mr. Fuchs was very engaging and at times entertaining! He kept the class moving along and interesting.

Nicolle S.

Evan was one of the best classes I have attended. Very well taught!

Lisa G.

I enjoyed the new way the course was presented.

Velma B.

I have attended many courses taught by Evan Fuchs, during the past 5 years, and I always try to sign up for the courses he offers if my schedule allows me time.

Katy M.

Great explanations by the instructor.

Clarissa R.


Colby S.