What people are saying

Great job teaching the class. I loved the discussions and real life examples you gave us to use or to discuss with our broker. I am a new agent and now I need to go out and complete my five buyer transactions to obtain my ABR destination.

Terri L.

Thanks for your ability to navigate through the class and give us an understanding of all the material. Great humor and sincerity in your teaching style. You are very knowledgeable and it shows!!! And I’m not saying that for brownie points! LOL

Joanie D.

This is a great course!  A wonderful opportunity to review and improve your business.

Dan M.

I’m so glad that I opted for this class. It’s the first designation class I’ve ever attended and I look forward to more in the future! Your knowledge and experience were so beneficial.

Heather M

Great teaching.

Lindsi W.

Liked his professional appearance, knowledge and confidence on presenting course material.

Dawn S.

Really enjoyed the instructor.

Julia R.

Evan Fuchs is a wonderful teacher. He takes the time to answer questions and you never feel rushed in his class. He knows his subject matter.

Pat L.

Very usable and interesting information.

Suzanne W.

Excellent command of the attendees. Good job eliciting interaction. Format of the training was what I have expected to see in training’s…it was skewed more sales/service oriented. Good presentation skills.

Patti M.