For individuals and teams who aspire to produce their best work.


I help individuals and teams produce their best work by aligning intention, direction and action.

Find focus, clarity and balance by connecting what you do with why you do it.

Get better results by effectively and proactively investing time, energy, and resources to build business and relationships.

Learn proven strategies from an experienced leader and active practitioner.

My keynotes, workshops, and courses inspire action by empowering individuals and teams to connect their goals with their passions. I focus on real-life application, not just theory, so everyone is guaranteed to leave with actionable takeaways.

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Strategic Planning

• For associations, teams, and individuals in business or non-profit

I’ve participated in more planning sessions than I care to remember, so I know first hand how frustrating and painful the process can be: over-reaching, unfocussed, endless word smithing. Sound familiar?

A successful planning session results in clear, actionable strategic plan that brings the vision to life.

As a planning facilitator with more than 10 years experience, I help individuals and teams, including local, regional and state associations, create strategic plans that stick using the Best Work method of aligning intention (what you want to accomplish and why), direction (where you are heading and who is accountable), and action (how you will do it).

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The Intentional Leader

• For associations, teams, and individuals in business or non-profit
• Available as a keynote, stand-alone 1-4 hour workshop, or in conjunction with strategic planning.

Being unprepared going into a leadership position can create havoc, not only for you, but for those you wish to lead. Mastering your ability to connect meaningfully with people and establishing respect through your value proposition is a vital component of successful leadership. Whether you are an Association Executive, Broker Owner/Manager or established as a community leader, incorporating proven strategies for staff, volunteer leaders and team members ensures you hit the ground running in order to produce your best work. Join Evan in this “hands on” program as he shows you how to gain team buy-in on clearly defined goals and implement effective tactics to ensure your team remains on task and on time.

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Leadership Planning Retreat

• For associations, teams, and individuals in business or non-profit
• 2-Day program combining leadership training and strategic planning

This two-day program kicks off with the fundamental leadership principles of The Intentional Leader, which sets the stage for a truly impactful planning session.

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Law of the Jungle Keynote

• For association volunteers, staff, and leadership teams
• For organizations, firms, or teams in business or non-profit

Is your team focused and moving in a clearly defined direction? Are your team members in agreement about how to produce their best work?

“For the strength of the pack is wolf. And the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

This inspirational session explores the power of finding common ground and getting agreement on key principles in order to build a strong pack. Leaders are challenged to find their pack and discover the interdependent relationship of the individual and the community.

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Play to your Strengths

• For association volunteers, staff, and leadership teams
• For organizations, firms, or teams in business or non-profit

This interactive workshop takes a simple, practical, and fun approach to discovering and understanding DISC behavioral styles in order to improve communication and strengthen relationships. Perfect for team-building, leadership, or business development.

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?

  • Identify behavioral styles associated with the DISC model
  • Explore the traits, strengths, and weaknesses associated with each DISC behavior profile
  • Learn how to leverage differences in behavioral styles on teams, in relationships, and in business
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Real Estate is a Team Sport

• For association volunteers, staff, and leadership teams
• For organizations, firms, or teams in business or non-profit

The object of the game is to cross the finish line and close the transaction. But there are lots of players on the team, and it takes a good coach to get them all pushing in the same direction.

Delivered as a keynote or workshop, this session helps agents discover the powerful impact of assuming the role of the coach of the team in order to close more sales in less time with fewer headaches.

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Working with Me

I’m based in Arizona and available to travel anywhere for keynotes, workshops, and courses on leadership, strategic planning, team building, designations, and custom programs.

I am also available as a curriculum developer, consultant, and subject matter expert.

The growing list of states I am approved for continuing education include: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, and Washington.

Designation and Certifications

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Real Estate Courses

Below are a sampling of courses I developed personally which are approved by Arizona Dept of Real Estate for Continuing Education. This comprehensive list includes many other courses.
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