Professional Development Day – South Dakota 10/18/16

Live class notes and resources from Professional Development Day – South Dakota 10/18/16 with instructor Evan Fuchs ABR, CRS, GRI, RSPS, SRS, e-PRO

  • RPR
  • Leadership 101 – Roles & Goals
    • Association leaders must:
      • Attend to affairs of association like you would your own business.
      • Make a genuine & diligent effort to carryout duties to advance the associations interests
    • Specific Fiduciary Duties of Association Leaders (including excerpts from Fiduciary Duties Owed by Directors of Associations)
      • CARE
        • Discharging your responsibilities in a reasonably attentive and diligent manner
        • Prepare for, attend, pay attention at meetings
      • LOYALTY
        • Act in best interest of Association
        • If a proposal is good for Association but not helpful to your business, you must support it.
        • Avoiding and disclose conflicts of interests
        • Identify conflicts early and resolve them so that you don’t receive, or appear to receive, unique benefits at the expense of the Association
        • If a member learns of a business or personal opportunity, the member may pursue only if Association has elected not to do so (corporate opportunities doctrine)
        • Multiple directors must:
          • Ensure missions do not conflict
          • Identify in advance of issue considered by board
          • Make it known to board
          • May need to abstain from voting, discussion, or hearing debate
          • Association policy, chair, or legal counsel should dictate what action is necessary BEFORE taking action
          • Know conflict of interest policy (ASK)
        • Abide by bylaws, polices, governing documents.
        • Support decisions of the Board, even if you vote against
        • Badmouthing or undermining violates this duty
        • Safeguard & preserve Association assets by ensuring proper procedures & controls are adopted and followed
      • Don’t disclose/share non-public info learned as result of leadership position
    • *Always act in good faith and seek best interest in the association*

Live class notes are used as a visual aid during classes. Leave a comment if you’d like clarification of anything that may not make sense out of context.

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